Pretty simple, just noob ;)



Hey there… I found this forum with google, and thought it could be helpfull.

I have 4 folders, each containing 3 files; .CCD, .SUB and .IMG file.

It’s a game divided in 4 cd’s, my problem is just how I open these files.

By the way; I have Alcohol 120%, Daemon tools and MagicIso.

Zestia :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry for my bad english :wink:


Hi and welcome to the forum. Could you please tell us what game this is? We need more information to help you.:wink:


yeah sure; it’s Final Fantasy 8



So far, when i use daemon tools to open the ccd file - it’s simply… empty :confused:

please come with an answer, i’ve been working on this for 12 hours none stop now …