Pretty PC's!

How many people look around and see all these try hard freaks super modding up their cases to look more like peacocks that a machine which is made for hardcore game playing / work?

Clear cases, 20 colour led case fans, paintings, coloured baffles, Coloured/reflected cables, etc.

Are these guys trying to hard, or do they have a real place in the world, other than “Even though I spend 23.5hrs a day on a PC, At least I still have a life, unlike them”.

CCL + LED Fans + Clear Case/Window = Village People. Period.

I have 2 red fans, 2 blue fans and a purple fan hiding in my beige / opaque case.
Rifle bearings are Quiet :bigsmile: but they only seem to come from one company, and that company only makes them in pretty colours. I’d rather save the $US 2 and get an ugly black fan with a rifle bearing, since I only see it when I have it open to rip it’s guts out :wink:

I would think the clear cases (made of cyrillic mostly) would not do as well with abosrbing and dissapating heat as do aluminum cases, don’t true gamers want to achieve optimum cooling? Ehh, I don’t like my PC to be colorful, I have enough annoying lights and led’s in my room at nigth to keep me awake. For a good nights rest I require total absolute darkness.

Well… eerr…

I’ve got 2 LED Light Rod thingys running down the front side of my comp, I have a LED Lighted Mousepad, An Optical Mouse, a Clear Spiderman Window with a LED Fan in it, and i’m happy:)

We’ve got almost the exact same case. :cool:

Although they don’t really count as a case mod since it’s already done for us :wink:

Information displayed on a single monitor is usually enough to control a PC. The room light alone is enough to find out what are in a PC.

But I want such LEDs in front of my DVD writers. :iagree:

Hmm I have three multicolor fans (illuminated orange and blue), 2 fans with blue light, a blue lighted transparant PSU, 2 red and one blue CCFL, an illuminated fan controller and some UV-active connectors and cables.

I’ll shoot some pictures soon!

I contribute to #1…therefore I voted :slight_smile:

Tis very true. But some people want to show how intelligent they are by making a very beefy (read: “Heater in a box” ) and making the case out of fancy plastic with minimal airflow :wink:

Makes it a tad better if they’re smart enough to have at least fan+intake in the middle of their fancy side panels :wink:

Although I see many that don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Lan Parties bring out the best of them :wink: