Pretty bad results, I think? :(



Gah… All this stuff is so confusing… :doh:

I think this is a pretty bad burn, right? Especially that huge spike at the end…
But from the ScanDisc screen, it looks ok? Which should I believe?

This was one of the better burns from a batch I did (or tried to do…)… :rolleyes:


Try some different media, and see if that gives you any improvement.
Disc Quality, will show you the total amount of PIE/PIF and also the max PIE/PIF, on the other hand, scan disc if you choose read test will read the disc, and say if it’s readable or if it has any parts that are unreadable, for me you can do a Transfer Rate Test, and see if slows down in the end, if it does, then that’s not a very good burn (for me).


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Not knowing any further details about burn (like burns peed and app used) and with personel experience from media you are using, I would still consider that as a “good” burn.
Run a transfer rate test as suggested by vroom (with cpu usage and burst rate boxes ticked [see options]).


Ok here’s the results of another disc, with transfer rate too this time.
Same media, same drive, but probably a different speed (I don’t remember… :o)
Again it seems that the Quality is bad, but there is no problem reading the disc back even so? So, really, if I want to check my burns, the scandisc is adequate and reliable?


And another… It seems the bad part always happens in a similar place, about the 2.5 mark…
These were the “good” ones… In the process of trying to get these I got two with read errors too, so they must have been even worse…


Try to burn a verbatim or a TY and compare the results.


Also these burners are best at 4x for scanning. May or may not make a difference.


Well, I tried the last disc at 4x… Hmm…
It looked worse, if anything, than the original scan… but it stopped…
So I did it again… It was looking pretty good, but it also stopped at a similar point, a little later than the first…
Here’s the second one…
(By stopped I mean… it stopped… heh… the program was still responding so it hadn’t crashed, but it just wasn’t doing anything, and the drive light was off… Odd…)


I’m not sure whether the 3 series burners detect jitter correctly, thought that might only be in some the latest firmwares.
I’d suggest turning that off & trying again.


That’s right, [B]TimC[/B] :iagree: . I’ve never heard of 3S-drives doing jitter scans, @8X no less :eek:


Ok I turned off jitter and it finished the scan this time… But if anything it looks worse than the 8x one…
I’ll have to look at my other media to see what other types I have…


Looks like bad discs, which brand are they? Do you see lighter & darker shades on the burn surface?


Not really lighter and darker, but I do see a sort of wavy circular pattern on the burned ones…
As for the media they [B]were[/B] cheap… :rolleyes:
Yellow/black Datawrite Classic 16x RE9-51130
First type on this page.
Maybe I should have mentioned before… The firmware it’s showing on the screen grabs is the one I flashed after burning these discs… Before it was BYX5 I think… And the drive was originally a DW-D22A…
I also reset the learned media, and next time I’m going to try a couple of 8x burns before any faster ones as I’ve read that it can be more reliable that way…


Yes, Datawrite overprints and the fact that you burned at 16X with this older drive will explain these results. The 3S-Series Lite-On’s were never really good at 16X. Good 12X burns, even with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, is the best you can expect.


I don’t remember which ones I burned at which speed, but they weren’t all 16x…
Guess I’ll have to burn slower/use better media/get a newer drive…
Maybe with the newer firmware it’ll be better though…


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Interesting isn’t it. :slight_smile:
I’m sure you’ve seen this thread.

Almost unbelievable, seems even later 1S and 2S drives have this capability although all Lite-On gurus told us it was impossible. :doh:


Much better! :slight_smile:


this is not much better, it’s great, total pie 6651 and pif 1498 is a great burn, :slight_smile: btw, what was the burn speed?


That was 8x burn…
Although… CDSpeed on the Disc Info tab says “Write strategies: 4 X” Hmm?

I will have to do some more burns to be able to tell whether the improvement is due to the different media, the slower speed, or the change of firmware…


Back to the original (crummy) media… Not as good as the previous one but certainly nowhere near as bad as the first ones…
8x, and this time CDSpeed says write strategy 8x… hrm…