Pressing 'setup' no display menu

Just configured the LVW-5001 with basic cable setup

Turn on the DVD and TV and then click on “SETUP”. Nothing happens, just see the regular TV program on.


Trying to figure out why my display does not show on the TV.

What is the disk in the box for?

I am guessing that you expect the cable out to modulate a signal at channel 3 or 4 as a VCR. That is not the DVD recorder way in that the cable out is just a ‘pass through’ or splitter. You’ll need to use the RCA or sVHS output to TV to monitor the DVD recorder.

The disc is a free DVD+RW for recording.

Are you sure you read the instruction? :iagree:

You’ll need to use the RCA or sVHS output to TV to monitor the DVD recorder.

Not sure what you mean by that statement above??

I have RF IN connected to my TV and the three other cables yellow, white, red connect as stated in the manual.
When I turn the DVD on and TV, does it matter what channel is on???

If by basic connection you simply mean you have connected the ariel to the recorder, and then connected from the recorder to the tv by an ariel fly lead, then you will not see the recorder on the TV as the recorder does not have RF modulation (i.e does not emulate a TV channel that you normally recieve).

You need to connect the TV to the recorder via the RCA (or Scart in Europe) sockets, and then make sure you have set the TV to (normally called) AV or auxiliary input.

If you TV does not have RCA or SCART sockets, then you can normally get round this by connecting the recorder to a VCR (still by RCA or SCART) - Virtually all VCRs can be connected this way unless over 20 years old!

Then you simply have to tune the TV to the VCR output frequency in the normal way, and set the VCR to take its input from AV (or sometimes called aux).

If you have already set up connections via RCA/SCART, then I suspect you have not set the TV to take its input from the AV input. (In Europe, this is often easier as SCART often auto switches but not always).

Hey geyes

Just try pushing the monitor or aux or video button on your TV control and you should see the DVD recorder output (if you have connected the RCA red/white/yellow from the DVD output to the TV input).

I ran into this problem with my AR-230. The manual did not say anything about the DVD output only being on the video out and not on the RF. Once I figured that out, things were better. Is this just a cost cutting method that Lite-On uses or is this the same with all DVD recorders? We are not using the unit for HQ recordings and the TV is 21 years old! :smiley: