Pressed Disk in 1650 crashes computer

With WinXP SP2. And the solution. Whenever I put a pressed DVD video disk in my new 1650, the computer would keep rebooting until I removed the disk. The Microsoft Online Crash Analysis said error likely cause by SONIC Solutions CD/DVD recording software Component (DRVMCDB.SYS). I found that file in Win\system32\drivers. I went to ADD/REMOVE programs and uninstalled Sonic DLA (which I never really used anyway). Now the problem is gone. I still have the Sonic Record Now! program (HP OEM version) and it causes no problem. I did not have this problem with my NEC 3550 drive. Otherwise, I am happy with the burns on my DW1650: ll 90-97% range using stock HC firmware and default settings (except bitset to DVD-ROM). Nice drive. cheers, gamma1

Yes, Sonic DLA is known to cause lots of problems.


Correction: I’m using stock “HCFC” firmware. cheers!