Press Watermarked Cd's

Hello All,

I am a total noob to the idea of copy protection so please deal with me. I just got a copy of an advance cd by Atlantic Records that wont play in My Car, DVD player or Computer- It only works in strangely my old boombox from the 90’s. The outside of the Disc says XCP and has a barcode with my name below. Because the cd is coming out tomorrow I think its fair use for me to put it on my ipod and be able to play it in my car. Unfortunately my sony dvd burner wont read it. It appears to be burned somehow?. If anyone has any ideas other than the line out method let me know. I would be glad to send an advance cd for them to look over and check.

why not contact Atlantic Records and tell them the Advance CD is no use to you as it won’t player in 99% of the devices you wish to play it in ?

No disc with XCP has stopped Exact Audio Copy, in my experience.

One word: cdparanoia. Find a Linux user (not one of the nerds who get offended if you don’t call it “GNU/Linux”) and ask them to rip it for you.
Either that or, I suppose, Exact audio copy.
Or you can take the easy way out and just rip the audio stream with a simple cable going from your old boombox to your sound card’s line-in.