Press Release: NVidia attacks mainstream and retail markets

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Our friends has sent us the press release from NVidia, regarding the price drop on the product lines for different markets.


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Good a price drop can only be a good thing, especially since im planning on buying a new card soon.

Me too thinking of buying a new card. But with all the different Nvidia models, how fast is each one in comparision ? All of these stupid model names, but I’m just interested in whether the budget one is good enough for latest games.

The order (from less expensive to expensive): GeForce 2Mx GeForce 2GTS GeForce 2Pro GeForce 2 Ultra… *The Pro and GTS have the same features, only difference the Pro offers 20% more bandwidth. check out for more details :slight_smile:

Thanks _Night for the price order list. This helps - it looks like I will be getting the GTS since Pro is not that much better. I must have missed this, NVidia has a nice graph comparision at: