Press Release: CloneCD emigrates to Antigua!

As a reaction to the new Copyright Law in Europe, Elaborate Bytes AG has to stop the distribution of CloneCD. The new law, which will come into force in Germany in the next days, will prohibit to copy protected media - even for private use.

CloneCD will neither be available as a boxed version in the big stores nor as an online version from Switzerland. Bilateral contracts between Switzerland and most of the European countries prohibit the sale from Switzerland to the respective countries.

Elaborate Bytes AG will sell the rights of CloneCD to SlySoft, a company located on Antigua. Only the online version of CloneCD will be available for sale on the Internet. The price will approximately stay the same and the clients of Elaborate Bytes will keep their one-year free update rights.

At this point the team of Elaborate Bytes will say thank you for the long-standing loyality of its costumers and hopes that the new products will lead to the same satisfaction :wink:

elby - Working Software for lazy people!

i’m really sorry for this bad news! I don’t know text of law will be approved in germany, but here in italy we have a very similar law (recently approved) and we can make onlt a backup copy and without using cracks.

Now my question is: why clonecd is selling?? Could’n olii transfer at antigua or any other state in the word? :confused:

Which will be the fucture of clonecd?? :confused:

Andrea :confused:

Is anybody from Elby gonna “help out” in the future development of CCD, or is it going to be SlySoft all the way?
SlySoft hasnt been around for too much, it could be a “parallel” thingy on the plans anyways, who knows? :wink:

Unless CloneCD is developed further, who in their right mind would want to buy it in its present state anyway?

The last update was months ago.

It’s a dead duck at the moment surely?


Originally posted by Lazer
It’s a dead duck at the moment surely?

Have faith… :wink:

now that its going to Antigua for a tan i hope the sheep gets darker and darker and beats the damn shagites out of the new copy protections including securom the newest and the new safedisk along with the new Sarforce,come on boys bring it on!!kick their arses!!>>>get back on top…YEEE HAWWW!!

Now Elby have sold 2 products to SlySoft. DVD Region Killer became AnyDVD and CloneCD - hmmmmm :confused: Is there something that Olli is not telling the world …

It is good to see that the ‘clients of Elaborate Bytes will keep their one-year free update rights’ I just hope that the SlySoft year is the same length as an Elby year.

Looking forward to the next release already …

I think it’s time to move on to more enhanced like Alcohol 120% or BlindWrite. I can’t remember the last time I used CloneCD… Alcohol 120% fulfills all my backup needs. I’m waiting to see the new BlindWrite 5.

…I’d be willing to relocate, if you need help mixing the old with the new :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Savannah
Have faith… :wink:

@ Savannah, do you have inside information?

If yes, can you give us some hints!!

I wish I knew exactly whats going on, aside from whats already been reported. But I must wait along with everyone else, however I mean what I said. Have faith, there is obviously something brewing, and I believe its for the good. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I was misleading.

Slysoft will launch a new update for CloneCD in the next weeks. We now just need to wait and see if it will work as good as when Elby should do.

“Have faith” and all will go well.

How do you know there will be an update? Is there any new website to reference CloneCD to see how it is and its update status.

SlySoft has acquired CloneCD, and it looks as if updates to CloneCD will be very soon READ

2003-09-11 SlySoft aquires CloneCD
SlySoft aquires all rights of the famous CD duplication tool CloneCD from Elaborate Bytes AG. CloneCD will only be available from SlySoft via the Internet. Pricing will be the same as before. Existing CloneCD customers will keep their right for free updates for one year after purchase. The first update will be available during the next weeks

Its on the slysoft site here

The first update will be available during the next weeks.

TY dallshead :slight_smile:

Can the sheep play with the fox?

Hope all goes well.

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Can the sheep play with the fox?

No idea, I’ll find out when I get a DVD burner for my machine at home and install AnyDVD and CloneDVD alongside CloneCD.

I can’t see Olli making them incompatable with each other, as they were all his products originally.