Presidian Pdr-3222



I recently purchased a pdr-3222 from radioshack. Not a bad deal. $129-$50 mail in rebate = $79. All seems to work fine. I believe this model is the same as the liteon lvw-1107. One drawback i have noticed is that the recorded disks will not play on my computer… in fact the computer immediately locks up when trying to read the the disk. This is odd because the computer also has a liteon dvd drive. Intalled software is nero and powerdvd. I have tried memorex and sony dvd-r disks with no luck. The same disks play fine in any of my set top dvd players. Any ideas?


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Going by the price after rebate, you seem to have done well. :slight_smile: Just out of curiosity, have you given the included DVD+RW (or some other format besides DVD-R) a try? From my experience with the Lite-On LVW-1105HC+, I have been able to play all four disc types (DVD+R/RW & DVD-R/RW) in at least five different PC drives (3xDVD-ROM drives, Lite-On 1693s DVD±RW and BenQ DW1650 DVD±RW) as I done a review on this model.

Finally, just make sure the disc is finalised (not required for DVD+RW). To do this, go into the ‘Disc Tools’ menu and select ‘Finalize’. If I attempt to load a non-finalised disc in any of my PC’s DVD-ROM drives, the PC spends a while attempting to read it before giving up, however I never seen the PC actually lock up / freeze by attempting to play a DVD (regardless of its content or whether it is finalised). Just in case it is the default DVD playback software at fault, try loading the disc while holding down the shift key (keep it held for at least 10 seconds after loading the disc) and then try getting PowerDVD to play the idsc. Finally if this does not work, just to rule out a codec issue, try loading a regular movie DVD. :rolleyes: