Preserving memories on DVD Handycam

Preserving your memories on a DVDCam

So I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this. Sony and others are really pushing their DVDCams for home video use. With the problems that DVD±R is having with longevity and deterioration (<a href=“”>see my rant</a>), and no sure way to tell if a disc is going to last more than a few years in storage, is this really a good way to store your priceless memories?

My Video-8 and VHS home movies (From 20 years ago), still play fine. Not the quality of DVD, but the picture still exists. My grandmother’s 8mm film still looks wonderful after 60 years.

Will my grandchildren be able to watch these DVDCam discs in 60 years? I know that no one can say but I’m wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks!

thats why for better quality and storage mini dv is still the best way to go

dvd cams are not as good of quality as mini dv but offer people convence of a dvd already

why pay more for less?

I always edit my videos before archiving them. So miniDV (which can actually store better (hi res) movies compared to DVD) would always be my choice.

Yes, new is not always better. IMHO directly recording to a DVD may not be the best architecture, its more of a marketing trick to woo people into buying it! MiniDV is still the right way to go :iagree:

sometimes when people go into buying a cam, and go to bestbuy/circut city/those type of stores the workers dont know jack, they will tell you that dvd cams are way better qulity cause its on a dvd, i hear them say it all the time, i sometimes tell the people thats not the case, you should see the look on the workers faces (most work off commison) when i tell the customers the real deal, i swear sometimes i think fast food workers would know more then these dummys they got working at big retail stores

LOL so true. By the way I stopped talking to customers in front of the store guys as it was very embarassing for them, really :bigsmile:

The problem with the US of A is that there are too many people ready to spend a lot of money and very little skilled people as far as knowing technology goes :o And the worst part is that people don’t have a choice but to listen to such jerks. Of course Best Buy doesnt bother about these things. They are too ‘advanced’ to think about such things :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info!