Preselecting Audio

The new beta includes the following feature:

  • New: You can let DVDFab preselect specific language of audio/subpicuture.

Isn’t that what the little green arrow is for in v. I thought selecting that arrow determines the default audio channel and sub-picture.


The green arrow is used to set default audio/subpicture, the new feature is used to set the selected audio/subpicture by default.

We will post a simple guide asap.

Best Regards,

Hi Fred. The green arrow is used to tell the PLAYER what language track it should play in the absence of the original menus and IFOs. Note that it only appears in modes where the menus and original IFOs are discarded: Main Movie and Customize/No Menus. The new feature sets the defaults that DVDFab selects with checkmarks in the processing setup screen. Here is a screen capture showing the result of preselecting “English” and “French” audio and English subpicture: (the green arrow works as it always has, the capture was done in Customize/Preserve Menus so it is not shown).