Prescan gets stuck on DVD movie
I am using the DVD Next Copy Ultimate.


What title and plugin?


I am using the latest version.


Machinst 2.1 and several different movies, Holes, From paris with Love, and Da Vinci code to name a few.


Davinchi code should be okay to do but the others we may need an update. We may need to have an update to fix davinchi code too. I know there will be a new update later this week or early next week.


I have the 2 disc Special Edition of Da Vinci Code and can give that a try to see if Ultimate will read and burn it. Holes is a Disney movie that was released in 2003 so Ultimate should have no problems with that as well. Now From Paris With Love probably needs and update in order for Ultimate to back it up as it was released recently and might have new copy protection on it.

Let’s look forward to that update to see if that fixes this issue as well for you


I had problems copying other movies. Some of those movies were older. Let me know if you need to know all the movies I tried using Ultimate version.


I just tried to copy Runaway Jury and I am still having the same problem.


Are these titles recent? By recent I mean released in the past 3 weeks?


I had no problem with Da Vinci Code and I think you might want to do a clean install of Ultimate and make sure you run the installer as administrator and as well run Ultimate as administrator. To do that you right click the download installer and select run as administrator and to run the program as administrator after installed you right click the desktop icon and select run as administrator.

The reason I say this is because Ultimate or any other DNC product has no problems with these movies except for the newer ones released the past month


I’m still having problems with the ultimate. it never writes to disk. 2 hours later, and the total progress is still zero percent!?!?


I need to see your filters. First download then install and open Imgburn.

Then Click tools then filter drive load order :

Here is a screen shot of my filters installed.

Now select copy to clipboard this is a temp storage and in your reply you would right click on the white boxed area and select paste this will allow you to post your filters on your system. Doing this would help us assist you on burning problems.

Now if told so you need to highlight the filter that you were told to remove and then hit the remove filter button so it will delete it off your system.

Side note all my filters are fine and none were deleted the screen shots are for an example only and not meant to say remove that filter. [B][U]Removing the wrong filter can render you computer inoperable. So when asked listen to us and select the right one when told to do so.[/U][/B] There is no easier way to do this than what I provided. We hope that users will see these threads and learn from it as well.