Presario 1500: toshiba SD-R2102

Hi there. I’m Albert

I have recently been having a problem with my presario 1505. When I place a disk (cd, dvd, cd-r, etc.) in the drive, it begins to spin properly but after a certain speed or amount of time the black disk that hold the disk to spinning motor detaches and the disk is no longer recognized. After opening the drive again I found that almost no force is required to remove the black holder from the drive. :confused:

Although I have recently been unable to check, I believe the drive is working fine except for this seemingly minor mechanical failure. My question is can this be fixed with out buying a new drive? I have tried replacing the black holder in various positions and cleaning everything I can find does not help the situation at all. As it stands I have not been able to spin any disk for over two weeks.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Hi and be welcome!

I really don’t have a clue if you can get a replacement for this part. You could try to contact Toshiba and/or HP (Compaq) to see what they can do for you.

Since these drives are really cheap nowadays, chances are great that they will offer you a replacement.

BTW, you say you cleaned everything. How did you do that? From my own experience I know that cleaning with highly pressurized air can do miracles!

I believe I have fixed the problem: I brushed the smallest amount of superglue I could on the bottom of the plastic piece and placed on the rotor. An hour later I was able to spin and read any disk I could find.

But now I’ve got a problem with my usb slots, which I won’t go into here.