Prenda accused over Piracy soundal: Users' IP Adresses stored by TPB?

Penda Law, a firm know for many lawsuits related to pirated porn, has recently been accused of uploading porn to The Pirate Bay in order to sue downloaders for piracy.

The Pirate Bay has revealed to TorrentFreak that the porn uploader has the same IP address as the one used to access the GoDaddy account of John Steele, one of the firm’s lawyers.

TPB also mentioned that they only keep individual IP adresses for 2 days. However, in this case they claimed to only be able to dig deeper by accessing old backup files which contained this particular IP address. One can’t help but wonder, how long are these addresses “backed up”

You can read more about the story on this ArsTechnica article.

Sneaky. It’s one thing to be an ambulance chaser. It’s another to stage accidents themselves. “No need to chase around after ambulances that way! Sooo much more efficient! We’re actually saving gas and greenhouse gases, therefore! The world should be thanking us!”

I wonder if they also bought up the rights to Sean Connery-Catherine Zeta-Jones sequels, too?

I especially like the “we only keep them for two days”. When? Today and Tomorrow, probably. “See - our intent is to only keep them two days.”