what’s this “premium” drive you keep talking about?


The Plex Premium is one of the last CD-only burners Plextor did. For CDs I’d say it is the best burner ever build. Especially with DAE it shines. I wish, their DVD burners were as good as the Premium is for CDs.

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This might be topic of ‘discussion’ with some rather stupid Yamaha Audio Master Quality zealots that accuse the Premium of producing bit-true audio CD’s with boomy bass :doh:

But the Premium is definitely the most versatile CD burner ever build … and it shines in almost any discipline (except price, of course).

BTW … if you want to get one, you’d better be fast since Plextor ceased production earlier this year.

“Audiophiles” are a never-ending source of amusement for me. They can somehow convince themselves that a 4-foot speaker cable costing four thousand dollars is worth it, but my all-time favourite is the gold-plated optical cables. :eek:

Think I’m kidding?

I am especially amused by morons who still claim that a coaxial digital connection is far superior over an optical one …

I once did an interesting test … I played back a ~ 6 min. wav file through my EWX 2496’s optical SPDIF output, lopped it right through my DAT recorder’s optical I/O and recorded the wav file through my EWX 2496’s digital input at the same time (a simple full-duplex loopback test) and used EAC’s wav compare on both source file and recorded file afterwards to scan for sample differences … I used 2·30 foot standard el-cheapo optical cable BTW.

Guess what … not a single bit was changed during the test … source file and destination file were absolutely bit-identical.

That was my initial point to really start questioning any audiophile’s statement that isn’t based on scientific facts and reproducible measurements … :cop:

oh, and i thought it was dvd burner… meh;p

edit: thanks btw!

Well, what do you expect when on Yamaha website you read stuff like this:

The result: A CD recorded using Audio Master Quality Recording is noticeably better sounding than one recorded using conventional methods. In fact, the quality of audio is nearly equivalent to that of a pressed audio CD.

and in a PDF document about VariRec on Plextor website you read:

This default setting reflects an optimized laser power with lowest jitter. The result will be a change of sound or sound quality and an increase of compatibility with existing players.

No big surprise… :frowning:


Well, I suppose jitter is an issue with some poor players… But did the CD-Rs* that I sent off for mastering suddenly sound better when they came out as pressed disks? I think not!


*recorded on Plextors, of course :slight_smile:

damn, ROFL, this one is GREAT! maybe this gold-plated contacts make the light from the outside of the cable reflect, so it won’t disturbe the “inner”-light… :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :doh:

pwhodges> For pressing discs you should try to use a writer which allows PMCD (Pre-Mastering CD) burning and software (Sonic Solutions’s SonicStudio).Most consumer drives do not have this feature (SONY 92x 94x do).
Most pressing facilities here in Japan (well actually I think every where) do re-write CD-Rs with a PMCD capable drive if the disc is not a PMCD when you sent it in. Some still require to send discs burned with PMCD(Those only pressing Audio CDs still require PMCD). For mastering you have to have a disc in the PMCD standard.
As far as I know not even the Plextor Premium can do PMCD (PlexMaster is the only drive i know of from Plextor). Sorry to say this but for mastering Music discs in a pressing facility CD-Rs burned with a Plextor are not the best choice since pressing facilities need PMCD.

Agree with “koba”

Are you sure that Plextor ceased manufacturing the Premium? Plextor USA’s marketing dept says that they haven’t.