Premium V1.06 and SecuROM



Has the new firmware 1.06 for Plextor Premium preserved the copying abilities of the Premium, and notably SecuROM backup?


Apparently, yes. :iagree:


More people can verify this?

p.s. I want to be 110% sure before flashing :wink:


Bah, you can “retrogress” after. :wink:


This is not an option as eeprom does wear-out (I would say past 100s reflash) and most notably those embedded in the chipset!
Plextools is already enough of a stress for the eeprom when writing parameters, and I would guess that the less you reflash, the longer the drive will last!
Am I wrong?

Back in the thread:
I wonder if a member of VSO team would make a statement like “nothing changed from v1.05 with regard to BlindWrite”:
That would make the owners of BlindWrite happier than ever for the perenity of the product and the good support from VSO


to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t have any premium plugged into a test machine at the moment…


Well, thanks for the answer!
A votre convenance cher Fabrice :cool:


Hope someone here can help me…

after the firmware update from 1.05 to 1.06 my Plex. Premium
writes SecuRom backups only @ 4X with BlindWrite, befor the update the
drive was able to write @ 8X !

Is this a prob. now from the firmware and / or my drive, or do I have to
“reset” Blindwrite settings ?

Thx 4 the help.

Maybe i need to RMA the drive ?!?!? :sad:


BTW: Is it correct that SecuRom protection is generated with VariaRec,
or is it generated by Gigarec ?


GigaRec. :wink:

Ah si on peut parler français je préfère. :bigsmile:
I don’t know if it’s bad for the drive. :confused:


Varirec. :wink:

On reconnait les vrais Toulousains (VSO est localisée à Toulouse) au fait qu’ils terminent toujours leurs phrases par “putaing cong!” Sorry no translation available :wink:


@mardigan: I think its Gigarec (changes density of written Data) not variRec.

variRec change the power of the laser!


premium 1.06 + BW 4.5.7 = works :iagree:
of course, burning a securom backup will only work @ 4x - but that’s normal for BW457
don’t know about BW5


Plextor’s 1.06 firmware reduces the drive’s Gigarec speed to 4x on SecuRom backups…

–Writing speed requested x4, effective x4
–Media topology will be reproduced by Premium
–Writing device : 1:2:0 - PLEXTOR CD-R PREMIUM 1.06 [D] (Ide)


My apologies!
A Blindwrite-SecuROM HOWTO let me think so, I probably misread it :confused:

Is it possible to use BW4.7.5 with a BW5 license (and key)? and install both?


i don’t know, but i don’t think so…
you also cannot use your windows xp license with windows 98 … :wink:
but installing both on one machine should work, the only problem might be that the newest patin couffin’s are no more compatible with BW457??? (i just don’t know, as i don’t use BW5)


Your BW5 license will not unlock BW4.
If you bought BW5 and want a BW4 key then send your license info (name/email address etc) to VSO support and request one.



Same happened to me…

Only 4X with Gigarec and 1.06, with 1.05 it is 8X with Gigarec !

@All any Ideas ?



probably plextor’s media compatiblity…slowing down the speed does not bother me one bit…


?? I’ve burned a CD (noname) @ 8x with Gigarec and Premium 1.06… :confused:


It’s probably Blindwrite which is the problem here. VSO knows that only FW 1.05 allowed 8x writing when using gigarec, so blindwrite probably contains something like “If Firmware = 1.05 then writespeed=8 else writespeed=4”
It should will be easy for them to fix this in the next version.