Premium, Ultra? Thinking on buying Nero 7

I am thinking to shell the cash for Nero 7. Have some questions:

  1. What is the difference between Ultra and Premium? I was thinking that they were the same and it was just a different name (Ultra for the US and Premium for Europe and rest of the world) but I have read that Premium offers things like Labelflash and the Ultra don’t? I have been offered a 10% discount on the Ultra version by the demo that I am using now but I am not sure if it is wise to buy Ultra. If I go directly into I get Premium and the currency of the online store are euros instead of dollars.

  2. Is Nero 7 worth it? I have Nero 6 that came with my BenQ drive and it has worked ok for me in the past. I have heard that Nero 7 has a lot of bugs, specially some things with the Audio CDs? I like to buy version 7 now that I have just formatted and fresh installed XP on my machine but I am been stopped by the doubts on the bugs.
    I have checked the DVDs made on Nero 7 Demo until now and they have very high quality, I have used these DVD+RWs in the past with Nero 6 and they were not as good as they are now burning them with Nero 7. I am checking with CD-SPEED.

Thanks a lot for your help.

My personal sugestion is to still use your nero 6 to create ISO files, and then burn ISOs with imgburn or with cd-dvd speed.

Not sure where you’re located, but if in the U.S., Best Buy has Nero7 Ultra Edition for 49.99 this week, with another $20 rebate if you are upgrading from the previous version. (which it appears that you are not). Still 49.99 is not bad.
The serial # from the box retail will activate your demo version, or you can uninstall the demo, install retail version, then download upgrades.

I am in Europe. But can somebody confirm if Premium and Ultra are the same? I think in USA is not sold the Premium version, that is what leads me to think that they are the same. Difficult to believe that Ahead is not selling its most complete product on the states.


Ultra and Premium should be the same the only difference is the name. For u.s. ultra and europe premium.

I’m with Geno on this. Sticking firmly with V6 on the principle of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I think you can be up for the upgrade price even from V6.x OEM.

I have a Nero 7 registration (free upgrade period), but only now am I even thinking that V7 is fit to be allowed out of beta testing…

Remember, Ahead did this to us with 6.0 (released as little better than beta), the repeated it with 6.3 and 6.6 as well … to the old adage, “never trust a .0”, can be added “nor a .x.0”.

Pretty well expected that they would release V7 in a similar condition.

The ONLY reason I considered V7, was the TV card support… just hope it does mine, as the software that came with the system has nothing to recommend it!

[B]My findings are that Nero 7 Ultra and Nero 7 Premium are not the same[/B]

A friend has Nero 7 Ultra Edition and I have the Nero 7 Premium Edition for testing purposes we swopped serials his Ultra version serial did not support Label flash for my Nec 4551, it wasn’t available but the Premium version has full Label Flash functionality.

If I’m not wrong, labelflash require the installation of an external driver provided by NEC, is not related to nero.

Sorry if I’m wrong

You are not wrong in respect to earlier versions of Nero some users needed the Nec OEM version of Nero before they could use label flash.

I am near certain Label Flash was directly supported by

I am using Nero Premium which was recently released, it supported my Nec 4551 label flash from a fresh install so no external driver was needed.

Thanks for the info MOD.IT, I didn’t knew it


Your welcome :slight_smile:

To be more precise [I]LabelFlash[/I] is supported [B]without additional drivers[/B] by Nero starting from version [I][/I] (which was the OEM version bundled with the drive, well… with [I]most[/I] drives), including of course
However, [U]not all Nero 6 serials allow to use the LabelFlash feature[/U] (but adding the Nero NEC serial to any version is fine).


Correct :flower:

I am using Nero Premium 7082 and Labelflash is activated without any problem.