Premium: The horror of Copy Protected Audio

Okay, so I just got me’self new Plextor Premium! :bow:

I just had to play around with the Digital Audio Extraction on a Copy Protection CD. Massive Attack 100th Window pops up in Plextools Pro just like that. Beautiful. I finetune the pref. for DAE but the reader keeps finding massive errors. What the H…! :a methinks. …

Then the Q-check feature come to the recue and slam me silly if something isn’t totally messed up:


Yes, this is from the orginal CD! Did I pay for this crap? Yes. Am I a stupid consumer. Apparently yes. Should we accept this? Absolutely no! While the Premium extract the tracks super fast (with all their intended errors) this is just beyond silly. :Z

Hi right2copy!I think you´ve just “discovered” CactusDataShield:Z Read here please! /gs.

Here’s a Jitter/Beta test of such a disc :Z

Okay, but this is what I don’t get: How does a CD Player and the Plextor handle these CU errors?

I assume that the Plextor just interpolate to fix the problem since all C2 and CU errors are gone on my copy of the album.

I also assume that a CD Player will have to do the same - interpolate during playback. But that would be the same as the record business accepting shipping a damaged product! :Z

Error concealment. They guess the samples that are destroyed in such a way that they cannot be extracted from the Error Correction Data anymore.

Guessing at how well Plextor/Plextools do (you really need to use Plextools for ripping), they probably use higher order polynomial algorithm for the interpolation of missing samples.


Halcyon, do I understand it correctly if I assume that both the Plextor and my hi-fi CD Player have to do this error concealment?

If so, can the Plextor Premium match the interpolation quality of a hi-fi cd player? :confused:

@right2copy: Players should, but not all to that too well. Some will replay ticks and clicks, as some cd-rom drives do…that’s why you are right about that other point: You have bought a product which has intentionally been sold in a damaged shape.

Yes, this is from the orginal CD
Well, it is not really a CD…

Originally posted by alexnoe
Well, it is not really a CD…

May the record business burn in H…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the info, alexnoe! :bow:

I then assume that it might actually make sense to copy the darn cd and listen to the ‘CU-free’ backup on low standard cd players. How odd that is.

BTW: I tried to rip the CD on both 4x speed and top speed. They both reported one CU error each that the other rip didn’t get. A wav. compare then showed one different sample in track 6 and 10. No biggie.

It makes even more sense to return that un-CD and tell them “it doesn’t play on my player…” :wink:

Sorry to disturb everybody again, but the Plextor Premium just caught another crime on the Radiohead: Hail to the thief:

Sorry to bring this extremely old thread back to life, but I just moved to a new website. The only reason I’m updating is that the thread is still ‘alive’ on Google. :o