Premium read speeds

Recently I have noticed some very slow reading speed (even 32kb/s) on some slightly scrathced media, when both my asus and toshiba can read it flawlessly at 6mb/s. Any ideas why?

Thanks =)

Nope, the information you provide is not enough to indicate a potential problem with your drive. Have you checked things like DMA?

Yes, I did, Sure. Transfer mode is UDMA-2.
Sometimes it just refuses to read the disc it has just burned at more than 4x, while other drives read it just fine. the media is Maxell certified at x48. and always, in the middle of reading the cd, it speeds up to 30x and more which is strange, why does it spin so slow?

I have no idea. Bad IDE drivers? Bad media? Hardware problem? It’s pretty much impossible to say. Perhaps you can try the drive in another computer to see if it works better there and thus eliminate the possibility of a driver problem. I have about 100 Maxell 48x CD-Rs here and they work fine at 52x in my Premium drive and after writing I can also read them perfectly.