Premium latest TLA

My first Plextor Premium was TLA0000.
I recently buyed one with TLA0002.
So I wonder, what is the latest one?

Αs I know there is no hardware change only filmware!So the latest must be TLA 0005!But there is no difference with yours because only the filmware has been changed.

I got one from Newegg on 12/24/04, the TLA was 0004.

Just bought my Premium (black & retail) from on 2005-01-19 and it was TLA# 0005 and dated July 2004. With my $5 off coupon + free budget shipping + no sales tax, was the cheapest…plus it got here with the free budget shipping in 2 days. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I did see one guy post that his TLA# was 01xx but I think he might have been mistaken…

OKay, I will summarize:

TLA# 0000 April 2003 <- first mine
TLA# 0002 August 2003 <- latest mine, recent buy
TLA# 0004 ?
TLA# 0005 July 2004

Latest hardware Rev. 00
Latest firmware Rev. 05 (fw: 1.05)

(mine was an old stock, still 79 euros, difficult to find in France!)
Thank you all

Sorry. My TLA#0004 was September 2003.