Premium --> fw 1.05 Probs

When updating my Premium writer (#000) to FW 1.05 I have been having lots of problems when writing CD’s. For some reason it look like DMA is not activated (but it is I checked it). The buffer keeps getting completely emptied and refilled again (even at 24X!!!)
CPU load is VERY high (40-90% on a 1600XP with 512MEG). I also have updated Plextools to the newest release --> not a solution.

I have now gone back to FW 1.04 and everthing works fine again. I wonder if I’m the only one having troubles with FW 1.05?

My OS is WinXP Prof.

Try redownloading it. It could be corrupted. I had no problems with it and I am running XP also.

The symptoms you described sound a lot like a DMA problem… are you sure that after you updated the firmware, it’s working correctly. Since you’re using XP you could, after upgrading the firmware of the drive and rebooting, delete the IDE channel that your Premium drive is on and reboot again. Your drives will be redetected and hopefully DMA will be enabled properly. You could also read through this thread for information on how to solve the DMA problem in Windows XP.

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