Premium cannot write x32 CD-RW

Few hours ago I have received a package from MSI with drives for testing purposes, two drives inside (52/24/52 and 52/32/52), and in the box with a faster drive was included a blank CD-RW UHS CD-RW media:

I’m currently writing a Premium review, so I was very happy to have, at last, one piece of x32 medium. But any write operations using this media failed.
I have most up to date Premium FW, Nero ASPI (from Nero, but dated on January or sth).

ASPI Info form Info Tool 2.0:

Nero InfoTool 2.0, main page. SpeedRead disabled, write speed shown correctly:

Now, it’s time to take some info about media itself:
InfoTool 2.0:

CDR ATIP read 0.92:

PlexTools 2.04 PRO (2.05 is most up to date, had no time now to install, but it shall not change anything)

Writing tests. First was CDSpeed 1.02e (most up to date)

Write with Nero:

It’s very long post, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

  1. I think it is a fault o firmware of Premium drive, which cannot correctly choose good write strategy.

  2. I haven’n tryied it with that MSI drive, beacuse I have no time right now to reboot my PC. As fast as I’ll do it - I’ll post results here.

  3. If you have any idea, plz hlp, review was supposed to be put public week ago - but I was waitng for that CD-RW media.

32x CDRW media eh? I wouldnt mind having some myself, no sir! :wink:

Well you’re probably right SoBal, should be a firmware problem. You’d better try this media though with the MSI drive to check it can indeed be written @ 32x.

Maybe using ASPI v4.60 instead 4.71 might help, although farfetched.

Ok, I’ve just rebooted PC and connected that MSI drive. Offtopic - Drive looks just great, blue leds, black tray. It’s shorter than normal 5,25" bay drives and a bit lighter. I do not know, now, if the MSI would let me to put public photos of the drive mobo, if they do I’ll post them somewhere her :slight_smile: 1st look is just GREAT :slight_smile:

Using the same media as in previous post I have done few write tests - and all of them successed as show on the next few screenshots.

Overburing tests:

Nothing, beetween 1st post and that has changed in my PC configuration.

This will explain your problem, SoBal:

[i]Why can’t I select a 32X recording speed for CD-RW media on the PlexWriter Premium drive?

You must insert 32X CD-RW media. 32X write performance cannot be achieved with Normal-Speed (4X), High-Speed (4X, 10X), or Ultra-Speed (24X) CD-RW media.

32X CD-RW media was not readily available at the release of the PlexWriter Premium drive. Plextor is coordinating its engineering efforts with the manufacturers of 32X CD-RW media to implement the write strategies required for this new media. Plextor will release a firmware update to support 32X CD-RW media once development of the media has been completed and the media meets Plextor’s quality standards. The drive currently supports Normal-Speed (4X), High Speed (4X, 10X) and Ultra-Speed media (24X). New 32X media is expected to be available in late June 2003.[/i]

:frowning: bad news m8.
So the 1st drive, which I’ll be testing with a “real” support of x32 UHS-RW will be MSI’s burner.

Now, with fw. v. 1.03 x32 CD-RW writing works fine, here is the result, you may compare it to the MSI one given above:

Thanks for the screenshot SoBal. I’m hoping I can find some 32x CD-RW media myself and perhaps update the Premium review with these results. 30x average for CD-RW discs doesn’t sound too bad at all!

Your making even me want to get some 32x CD-RW media when it comes out. Even though I never re-write!

Chart is in Polish so here goes some short description:
“brak danych” - no test result in that category
“Czas zapisu 650 MB na p³yte CD-RW” - time to write 650 MB data onto CD-RW media

Follow this link to see my own test results:

And here goes comparison of CD-RW writing by all drives which I have tested: (English translation of Polish labels placed in previous test)

Thanks again SoBal! I see that the Premium is about 27 seconds faster than the current fastest 24x drive. Not bad at all.

You’re doing a fine job there SoBal - thanx for taking the time to provide some info for us :wink:

No problem, happy to share my knowledge :slight_smile: