Premium and Securom 7==no longer a 1:1 copy?

Just tried to copy Stubbs the zombie(protected by Securom 7+) with blindwrite 4.5.7 and premium.
The result is that the disc can only pass checks in my pioneer 108 DVDRW but failed in my Asus DVD-E616P DVD-ROM Drive.
Then I tried to burn it using twinpeak in premium and the disc can be played in DVD-E616P but failed in 108…

Can somebody confirm if premium is still a valid option to copy securom 7+ protected games?

Only twinpeak method is working at the moment.
I can confirm that plex premium writing is blacklisted (i’m using SR7 tutorial into this forum).
Tested with motogp3 and warhammer 40,000 winter assault. Only pioneer units are able to read and pass sr7 check using a copied disc.
No good news for blindwrite.

Twinpeak method is not 100% working as well, quite sad premium is useless nowadays


I made a backup from Stubb The Zombi with my Plex Premium !

The backup install and runs without any problems in my Toshiba SDM-1712.

Right now all SecuRom backups worked for me without any problems.

The only problem could be a wrong or less quality BWA file.


Plextor Premium TLA #0000 Firmware 1.06

Toshiba drives have no problems running the backups but they don’t work everywhere. Sometimes the premium itself doesn’t pass the cd check.

Until now I never had any problems with Plex Premium backups.

I also have tested my backups on different drives and manufacturers and all do work.

It is hard to tell if some backups do not start in Plex. Premium, cause you never
know how different software tools like hide ATIP and other tools work, or
in which way the copyprotections try to disable ATIP tools or virtual drives…

I think I do not need to tell you more about this you allready know this for sure :wink:


I can confirm that i have made a working backup of Warhammer 40,000 using plex premium (SR5) but Warhammer 40,000 Winter Assault that is SR7 don’t works for me using as reader pioneer DVD-R 106S, plextor premium and LITEON 52327s. Only using pioneer writer DVD-RW 106.

There’s definitely something strange: my backup of Motogp didn’t work on the Premium (and the original too), after some days I installed it again and it worked both the original and the backup… but it didn’t work on ultraplex 40x.

Maybe blindwrite’s author can explain what happen with this damned protection. Maybe the trouble could be Asus P4P800 with SATA drivers. ???

sony defintely has done something to prevent Premuim method.

I made a working copy Of Stubbs the Zombie easily. CD 1 has SecuROM others not protected.
Used Samsung TS-H552B
Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 build 3105 emulation on
Securom *New [4.x/5.x]

Installed game on another computer with Alcohol 120-emulation on.
Not using any other software like SR7_Stop.
CD 1 in cdrom reader.

Emulation is not a 1:1 copy

Hope the next premium will do securom :confused: