Premium and Q-Check

I’ve noticed that discs burned and then checked on my Premium have better scans/lower C1/C2 rates than similar discs burned on other burners. Is this because of better writing quality, or is it because the Premium can read its own discs better?

With high probability it is your Premium’s writing quality. The Premium is IMO the best CD burner out there. It had never let me down so far and didn’t fail on a single disc.

Interesting you should say that…I haven’t had my Premium-U long and have only burned a couple of discs so far, but one of the first few I burned DID fail. It was a 48x Maxell (TY) and I burned an audio disc w/ Nero at 20x or 24x (forget which). At the end of the burn came the error message - - unfortunately I didn’t save the log file or note what the exact error was (dumb!) but I was pretty shocked! I hope it was only a “freak” occurrence or a bad disc. Other discs have been fine.

Hm, I can’t tell you 'bout external drives as I only use internal ones. In these enclosures there is sometimes too much heat. Combine this with a weak disc and you may have an error. If all the other discs are burnt good, I wouldn’t worry. However, if that occurs more often, do a self test and if it fails, RMA it (if you are still on warranty).