Premium and error ripping audio

I recently replaced my LiteON 48X writer with the plextor premium. Ever since installing the plextor premium i’m unable to copy audio cds (rip) to my HD via windows media player 9 under windowsxp. I get an error messaging stating this function isn’t supported on this drive. I’m also getting “ADC - Driver” error when attempting to rip via Easy CD-DA extractor. Audio ripping works fine through plextools, but plextools doesn’t support Windows Media Audio Lossless format. Is anyone else having this issue?

I have firmware 1.01

Which version of Easy CD-DA Extractor are you using? According to the Poikosoft website the Premium drive is supported.

i figured out the problem. I was trying to rip into windows media 9 audio format, but the encoding codec was corrupt. I redownloaded the codecs from MS and after installing again I could rip without any problems.

Ok, good to hear you solved your problem.