Premium and BUFFER! Help please!

I have a problem with my Premium and its data buffer: When i burn a CD with ALCOHOL the buffer gets empty every 3 seconds so the BURNPROOF is in use more of 90 times during the burning process!
I think it’s a Windows XP problem! What can i do?

You should check if DMA is still enabled for your drive. Please check out our FAQ. It has a complete section on the Windows XP and DMA problem(s).

You are right; my Premium is working in PIO mode! I tried to set DMA but it is still in PIO!
How can i enable DMA?

EDIT: I unistalled 2 IDE channel and now it’s in UDMA! :slight_smile:

Thx for your support!

No problem, good to hear your problem has been solved. It’s a common problem in Windows XP that it drops UDMA support. If you run into future problems check out this thread.