Premium 1.06 + Nero = Error caching data

after upgrading to 1.06 I now find out that I sometimes get an error while nero (latest version) is caching data before starting to write. I haven’t tracked it down fully but it seems to occur when I try to burn CD-RW (which I do 10x due to lack of better media).

When I get this error and flash back to 1.05 the problem is gone. I didn’t even restart the PC. I only restarted nero.

Is this just me having this problem with 1.06? First I thought that everything is fine with 1.06 but now I doubt it…


Did you erase the CD-RW before writing and didn’t eject it and/or restart Nero after it was erased? This sometimes causes this strange error in my case with a Plextor 716A. If I re-insert the disc and restart Nero, everything works fine.

Hm, this is possible, I don’t remember. But I think that I ejected the disc when it didn’t work (Just to look for dirt on the surface or something like that.)

I know it didn’t happen always and it happened in two entirely different PCs (my old P3-600/Via Apollo Pro Plus and my new A64 nForce4).
But with 1.05 I never had this problem. Perhaps I update to 1.06 again and try to see if it happens in that scenario.

Did you have it only with CD-RW or with CD-R media, too?

No, it only happened with CD-RW. IIRC, ejecting alone wasn’t enough, I also had to restart Nero to solve the problem.