Premiere v6.0 tryout

hi, i’m using win xppro i’ve downloaded above progy when i unzip it and run the setup program i get an error saying the win16 subsystem was unable to enter protected mode,dosx.exe must be in your autoexec.nt and present in your path. adoibe don’t do support for trial versions can ne1 help me please

Critical files that are needed to enable the operation of the Windows Virtual DOS Machine (NTVDM) 16-bit subsystem are missing or corrupt on your Microsoft® Windows XP, NT 4.0, or 2000 computer. Because of this, your computer will not be able to run 16-bit utilities, such as the Quicken installer, that require Windows NTVDM.

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Link 2

thanx 4 the help m8,but that didn’t work i,ve got all the files listed

but, in your autoexec.nt file, do you have dosx.exe listed properly? is it actually listed in your path? have you checked?