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how to export from premiere with direct Stream Copy? do i need plugin for it? i would appreciate a link if yes

thank you


Welcome to the forum Ar.Pi I have only used Premiere 6.5 so it might be different to your Pro version, what are you having trouble with ? If you are looking for plug-ins you can find some at , and some Tutorials for Premiere here if you are still having trouble post back and let us know with what exactly you are having trouble with.


wow coathi thats a really worm welcome man, never recieved anything like it in no other forum, thanx man really appreciate it :bigsmile:

anyway all i want is: after i finish my project in premiere, to export to video without any compression like in VirtuaDub the “Direct Stream Copy” option , i checked some other places and i couldnt find it i only find that u can export ur project to VirtuaDub through some plugin - but its a bit annoying…

anyway i’m confused with this “video server plugin” and cant install it.

appreciate any help thanx :wink:


Hi Ar.Pi , the Video Server Plug-in you are trying to install is it the Pre-Release Beta version v1.002 ? I think it’s still in Beta and it might still have a few bug’s in it, but nothing much to worry about it should work OK,

I have only used the old v0.93 version and it worked great in Premiere 6.5 but don’t try and use it in your Premiere Pro, because you are going to have lot’s of problems, anyway I think the installation for the new v1.002 might still be the same as the old one so you can try by unzip the contents and copy the videoserver file to your Adobe Premier plug in folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro\Plug-ins) and Install the aviwrap.dll by right clicking on the aviwrap.inf file in the aviwrpr folder. this is how the old version was installed but because you have a new version the file names and installation might have changed ???

if you also need a MPEG encoder, you can find a good one called “TMPgenc” here all the best and I hope it works for you.


so i have to use this plugin, if i want to use “direct stream copy” in premiere without losing quality right? cuz all i really want is to keep the original codec without doing any compression :confused:


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I have imported a mt2 file from which i captured on my Canon XH A1.which was filmed in HD. im having problems exporting this footage to a vob file without losing quality. Can you help me??


what programs and steps are you currently using?