Premiere Pro 2.0 will not import DVDFab AVI or mp4



I am attempting to rip a non-copy protected dvd back to either an AVI or QT movie so I can re-edit the video (original source material no longer available).

Although I am able to play back the ripped videos in QT player and Windows Media Player, PPro 2.0 indicates the clips are not a valid format.

Any tips or workarounds that would help me get this into my editing application?



Sorry, the title should read "will not import AVI or mp4.

Is there a way to edit your posts?



Yes on the right hand side at the bottom of your post it will say edit post and you have 30 min I think to edit it


Brad, which profile are you using? I have Premiere Pro 1.5 and have brought in DVD material via DVDFab for editing once or twice. I think I remember using the generic/xvid/aac profile but I’m not really sure–been a while. If I get a chance I will try it again and post results here.


Hi Signals,
Actually, I have tried all 3 options. But with the xvid/aac, it chokes on the audio indicating that it is not a recognized format.

If you have luck on your end, please let me know. Maybe there is something unique to my situation.

Thanks for the help.



I’ll give it a try. I have tons of codecs on my machine, don’t know if that would make any difference. My son is the Premiere Pro expert. I’ll ask him if I can get in touch (off at college). Headed out the door now, will post back later this evening eastern time.


Thanks. I really appreciate the effort.



Here is what I have found. I did get Premiere Pro 1.5 to read and import a DVDFab written AVI using the Generic.avi.xvid.mp3 profile. It did go through a 30-45 second process of “conforming” the file, whatever that was. The video and audio play from the little preview window:

My son said he was surprised this worked with 1.5, but that 2.0 should be able to handle it fine. Remember I am only an occasional user of Premiere Pro and far from an expert. Note that the video size and input file for the test were very small and I did not take the test all through the normal gyrations to an output file. Don’t know what else to suggest if you’ve already tried this profile and it didn’t work. Were you using the latest version of DVDFab( I’m a little time crunched the next severl days, but if I get a chance I’ll try outputting the file and see what the characteristics are compared with the input file that DVDFab wrote.


I know this is an old topic, but was hoping there have been some advances. I am having the same problem and could not even get it to go through it’s “conforming” strategy. I’m using the generic/xvid/aac profile to convert in DVDFab Platinum and Premiere Pro CS2. I get the same audio “not a recognized format” message".

It’s a major chore to play stuff off a DVD player, tape it on my Mini DV camera, then capture in Premiere Pro. Especially if there’s a way that DVDFab can handle it!


Sorry you are still having trouble with this. Have you tried the MP3 audio profile that worked for me with PP1.5? Also, wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade to


Hi Signals,

Sorry to horn in on the topic, but I had the exact same problem and I didn’t see the final solution. Yes I used the generic/xvid/aac profile you mentioned earlier. (That is the MP3 audio profile that you are referring to, right?) I have also updated my DVDFab to the version.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi Shannon. The MP3 profile is further down on the list (This is the one I used that worked with PPv1.5) P.S. It would be a good idea to download and install DVDFab beta.:


Yup. I noticed the update right after I posted and did so. I also posted to the technical support site and just got this reply:

“DVDFab cannot work with family tapes. And DVDFab does not support convert from AVI to DVD at pressent. But we will consider it in future.”

I wasn’t sure what they meant by that since my question was:
“I am trying to convert an in-house DVD into an avi usable in Premiere Pro. I get as far as producing a file. But when I try to bring it into PremierePro it says that it is “not a recognized format”. I’ve read on one board that they got theirs to go through a “conforming” routine. However, mine does not even offer to do that. I’m using the generic/xvid/aac profile to convert in DVDFab Platinum and importing the resulting avi to Premiere Pro CS2.”

So I tried your solution anyway. Unfortunately I was not ale to perform the same magic that you were able to pull off. I got the message again:

“Unsupported audio rate in file.”

Oh, well. Please let me know if you find the magic potion.



Shannon, it looks like you got a different error message with that most recent attempt:
“Unsupported audio rate in file.” versus “not a recognized format” the first time. The audio rate is easy to change on the Configure page in the lower left corner. Just use the drop down box and select a lower (or higher) bitrate for the audio encoding:

Experiment with that some and post back with the results, and make sure you have selected the “…xvid.mp3” profile. Hope it works:) . I have made AVIs and copied home “tapes” with DVDFab with no problems, so I’m not sure about that response either. Some users with Philips standalone DVD recorders have had problems, currently under investigation. Re: magic potions; they smell “like turpentine and look like India ink”.:wink: Hope you are not old enough to catch that reference.


I tried each Audio Bitrate setting and tried to import them into Premiere Pro. No joy. I would like to hear about the origin of your India ink reference. Here I thought I was ancient!



Haha think how that makes me feel!:slight_smile: For persons my age, the reference would be The Searchers, a British Invasion band, even older it would be The Coasters, but the same song: Love Potion Number 9, at the gypsy’s house:
"She jumped down, turned around and gave me a wink,
she said ‘I’m gonna mix it up right here in the sink’,
It smelled link turpentine and looked like India ink.
I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink…"
and the rest is history. The gypsy’s address is a frequent trivia question; the answer is 34th and Vine. Don’t know what the answer is for Premiere Pro 2.0.:frowning: Call or email Adobe and see if their customer support can help.


Thanks! I should have gotten that reference. The song has made several combacks. In context I can even sing along!

I had originally contacted Adobe. They gave me a canned answer somewhat like: avi is like a package holding several different types and formats of media. Depending on the codecs one uses they may or may not work with Premiere Pro 2.

Thanks for the effort!


Hi Shannon. Sorry you couldn’t get it to work. Try each new version of DVDFab, as improvements and changes to the DVD to Mobile functions are common. In the meantime, see of your camcorder will convert video inputs on the fly without taping. If your PC has a firewire input this might be a workaround. Good luck!