Premiere has stopped recognising my DVD writer(s)



I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro (1.0) which until recently worked fine with my Sony DRU-510A (firmware upgraded from an I-don’t-remember-what-number OEM Sony unit)

Recenly I replaced it with a hand-me-down Sony DRU-530A. Now neither drive is recognised by Premiere and I can’t burn CD’s with the application any more :frowning:

I don’t know if changing the drives over had anything to do with it; putting the old one back didn’t help either. I’ve had a quick think to see if I’ve done anything else suspicious since I last wrote to the drive, but nothing springs to mind.

Can anyone make any suggestions?



Sounds like a cable selection problem.You need to make sure that the one on the end of the cable is jumpered as master, and that the other one is jumpered as slave. Make sure the ide connections are correct and tight.


Does Windows actually see the drive(s). If not then Rob is most likely spot on.

Some older motherboards/bios do not automatically detect changes such as this. You could go into the Bios & detect them, after you’ve checked the jumpers as suggested.