Premiere Errors pls help!

I am fairly new to the world of video editing and was wondering if any more experienced ppl out there have ran into this problem. I have been working on a film project w/ a couple of friends. We are in the last stages now w/ Premiere but when we go to export the movie we get some funky errors. Here is what they say:

“Error- Statsfile not found” … followed by:

“Error compiling movie. Codec compression error. This codec may be unable to support requested frame size. There may be a hardware or memory problem”

We are trying to export to Microsoft AVI format and are using the XviD MPEG Codec. The frame size is 720 x 480 (4:3). We have been able to export using one of the DivX codecs but then in playback post-export the frames began to get choppy and audio and video became off.

Has anyone else run into anything like this? Thanks in advance for whoever can help.

I’ve never actually run into this problem so I can only offer suggestions…

I don’t think Premiere is really designed to work with codecs like Xvid. My understanding of it is that it is a one-track tool designed to edit DV/AVI and produce DVDs.

So what I would suggest you do is output a regular DVD structure onto your hard drive, and then use AutoGK to make an Xvid AVI from that. It’ll take extra time and work, but I would suggest that you have a regular DVD backup of your project anyway… that way you could re-encoded it again later when/if the Xvid codec is improved again, or another format takes its place…