Premiere DVD burning




I am in the process of making DVD’s from Adobe premiere Elements. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to save the burn file so you dont have to go through all the time rendering each time you remake the dvd? My goal is to make the DVD, then save it to a file so I can just open it and start burning without going through the “making the DVD process”. If anyone knows of a way to help, it would be greatly appreciated.



If I understand correctly, you want to save finished file to hard drive instead of burning to disc.
There should be an option for burning to select a burner (if you have more than one) or burn to hard drive.
If it is not there, just burn one disc and than copy VIDEO_TS folder from the disc to hard drive, that is your DVD.
I am sure Adobe will have option to save to HDD.
If, however. you want to do any modification to the file, you will have to re encode.
There should be an option to save a project in that case.
I use Premiere and all this is there.


hey thats almost it, but what were trying to do is create an image of the dvd with the menus and everything on the hard drive so we dont need to recompile to make additional copies. I tried to export out of premiere but it only gave me burn to dvd. I opended it up in encore but that wasnt worth the pain of using that program.

thanks for your help


If you want to make image file than get ImgBurn, it will do it for you.

I do not use CS4 version so cannot comment on that. I use Premiere for edit only and than DVD Authoring software to make DVD with menus and all.