Preferred Firmware for Verbatim 8X (MCC 003)?

I’m new at this, and want to start off on the right foot. Purchased a spindle-50 of Verbatim DVD+R 8X ink jet hub-printable. The media code is MCC 003 000 000, made in Singapore, and the serial no. ends in “…X47B”. I also ordered a spindle-50 of the printable YUDEN000T02.

I’m currently using Mad Dog Firmware (TDB) 2.F9. I’ve looked at many posts and the YUDEN000T02 seems burn well at 8X with any current firmware. But there seems to be less info on whether I’m likely to get good 8X burns on the MCC 003 media with 2.F9. I’d like to flash whatever firmware is the best for the MCC 003 media (8X is plenty fast for me), and would really appreciate any recommendations on whether to stick with 2.F9, or whether e.g. 2C8SE would be better. Thanks.

It’s probably apparent, but my drive is the Mad Dog rebadge of the NEC ND3500a.

The upcoming TDK 2.C9 fw from Singapore should be able to burn this at 12x, if you are patient.