Preferred Blank Media 4 Pioneer 2209 & Liteon IHAS124



I just built a new computer and added the Pioneer 2209 and a Liteon iHAS124. I have never had a blu ray before. I have been using JVC J-CDR-WPY-SB (White Printable Label formerly Taiyo Yuden) for CD Burning and I have 100 stack of Taiyo yuden DVD -WPPSK16-HC (-R) (White printable) for DVD. I still would like to use White Printables. Can I get some recommendations on what you would use on each one. Plus, Which Blu-ray would you get? + or -R? I usually buy from Supermedia Store.


Welcome to the forums, tmyc.

If those are the 52x JVC CD-Rs, they’re the best CD-Rs currently available IMO. Taiyo Yuden 8x or 16x DVDs are also quite good; the +Rs burn slightly better in many drives, but either are more than adequate. For BD-Rs, if burn quality is important then I would suggest getting either the Melody 4x BD-R or Panasonic 4x BD-R; the Panasonics are some of the best currently available, but the Melodys are quite good and very affordable. I used to have very good luck with SmartBlu 4x BD-Rs (made by Falcon), but their quality appears to have gone downhill.