Preferred 16x DVD+R Lightscribe v1.2 media?

Does any brand 16x DVD+R Lightscribe v1.2 media stand out as particularly good or bad? I’m planning on getting an LG H10L drive and need to decide what media to order. There doesn’t seem to be so many choices with these specs so I’m hoping this will be easier to answer than the broader best media question. thanks.

Definitely Verbatim. Some HP may be Verbatim media code, but I’m not sure how to tell on the 16x. Easiest way is to just get Verbatim branded.

Yeah, It’s hard to go wrong with Verbatim media. I don’t have or use Litescribe but i do use Verbatim 16X+R media. It’s good stuff for not much $$$$$ :wink:

I don’t use lightscribe, but I have seen Verbatim 16x lightscribe media on sale. The packaging actually says “16x” on it. I’m not sure if that is lightscribe v1.2 media though but according to a lightscribe user I asked, 16x lightscribe media is usually v1.2.