Prefered Audio Format

Which audio format do you choose when backing up a movie DVD?

Always DTS if I have the choice. The sound is just much better IMHO.:wink:

if i have to choose only 1 audio track it’s Dolby Digital 5.1 for more universal playability…

i agree with crossg that DTS sounds better but i don’t have DTS capabilities everywhere i watch my burns.

I prefer DTS for sound quality also and have DD/DTS capability on all my systems via outboard decoders. For watching on the computer I would also choose DD.

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DTS all the way!

DTS baby, yeah!!

I have to agree, DTS. It’s too bad that it’s not used more!
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DTS and Surround are pointless for me as I use my TV’s speakers (2 channels). Stereo for me but to be honest, if I was more than a meter away from the TV it’s pretty much sounds like mono.

one of the advantages of DD5.1 is that most stand-alone players can downsample the 5.1 track to stereo…so you don’t need to keep 2-channel stereo AND 5.1 DD audio tracks leaving more room for video…

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drpino raised an excellent point. Perhaps I should have included all the iterations of DD, but wished to keep it simple for those with ADD. DD could include DD 5.1, DD 5.0, and more.

DTS for teh win! Always sounds a little better than corresponding DD-track.

DTS all the way!