Prefered 8x +R Media for Sony DW-D56A?

Drive: (came with my I9300) Sony DVD+/- RW DW-D56A (Dual Layer capable DVD/CD Burner) (Rebadged LiteOn Slim-2S drive)
Firmware: PDS7 (Date 2005-07-01)

Since my BeAll 16x media is not compatible, I’m looking for good quality 8x White Inkjet Printable Media. I generally buy from Meritline, though I have from Supermedia Store also in the past. Any suggestions are welcome. This media will be for backing up shows (mostly races like ALMS and F1 and the occasional HD Concert from INHD) off my Motorola 6416 HD-DVR to my Dell Laptop.


Try Verbatim MCC003 +R media.