Prediction: $149 Blu-ray player for Christmas

I just posted the article Prediction: $149 Blu-ray player for Christmas.

The 2008 holiday shopping season is approaching quickly, and consumers are anxiously waiting to see how low Blu-ray players and HDTVs will drop in price. As part of tradition, Black Friday, the…

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[LEFT]I think $149 for a no-name Blu-ray player, and $199 for a brand name, will be enough to get some of you guys to begin making a transition to Blu-ray. It’ll be interesting to see what movie titles will be available for lower prices, as most popular Blu-ray movies remain rather pricey.[/LEFT]

“I think $149 for a no-name Blu-ray player, and $199 for a brand name, will be enough to get some of you guys to begin making a transition to Blu-ray.”

Don’t forget your 1080p 50 inch display! Are they $199 as well?

True enough point.

I kind of want to see how many people have TVs ideal for Blu-ray who simply haven’t switched over because the technology is still too expensive. I know a couple of people who could go out and by a Blu-ray player and a bunch of movies and not need to upgrade their TV, but they are waiting for the price to drop.

This would make a good poll- to see what sort of percentage of readers here have a Blu-ray (HDCP-1080p) compatible TV and what size they have.

Why not add 720p since they can also take advantage of the higher quality of HD

Cause 720p sucks now since the drop in prices on the 1080p’s that are out and let’s not forget black friday is right around the corner.

i would not buy BD player not even a burner whatever the price is.

Black Friday this year should be neat to observe! I already have the TV but haven’t felt the need to get blu-ray because of the higher price of the players and movies. i think this year will be when i finally make the transition over to blu-ray.

who is with me?

720p/1080i of good brand HDTV is better than crappy 1080p! Don’t forget that. :smiley:

Prediction: People won’t give a toss about Blu-ray when christmas rolls around

I think that if someone compares 1080p Blue-ray with 720p anything-else on one of those $499 720p 42-inch plasmas, they’re going to wonder why they should pay extra for 1080p Blue-ray.
If they look at 1080p Blue-ray on a bigger (56" or larger) 1080p screen, they are going to have to think hard about forking out the significantly bigger buck$ for the bigger screen, let alone the player.

‘If Blu-ray player prices continue to drop, down to $149, will you be willing to leave behind DVDs in favor of the high-definition format?’

Only if it decodes all HD audio. If not I’ll stick with my NMT.

@ Dr. Who
"Cause 720p sucks now since the drop in prices on the 1080p’s"

Even the Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080 HD 50" (1366x768) plasma? I hear it kicks the ass of other manufacturers’ 1080p sets. I came close to buying one on Saturday for $1,600. Didn’t pull the trigger, though. I have a 20 month old who likes to hit expensive stuff with other, less expensive, stuff. Imagine, if you will, seeing a $1600 plasma broken by a $7 plastic rake.


This is good news. I hope its a permanent price drop.

My 42" 768p plasma is totally blu-ray compatible.

I have a 42" 768p high-end plasma (Marantz) and HD DVD looks fantastic with 1080i signal and better than DVD. You do not need a 1080p screen to take advantage of the superior detilaed image of blu ray.
As blue pointed out, quality is the biggest factor. The quality of the video processor is more of a factor then the raw number of pixels on the screen.

You would be hard pressed to see a difference between 720p and 1080p sitting at a normal distance. The closer you are to your TV, dictates the difference between the two and which you should probably go for in a TV.

The holiday shopping seasont this year is probably not going to be a boom. From what I am hearing, retailers are expecting the worse and hoping for the best this season. I know for my family, the last half of this year has been rough so far. We won’t be spending nearly what we did in the past.


Pioneer rocks! If I were to buy a HDTV, it would be a Pioneer Kuro plasma!


Thanks for your insight. I’ll give them a call and see if they still have it in stock. It’s hard to pass on a 50" Kuro for $1,600. I know Crabby likes Kuro, too.

BTW, I hope 2009 is better for you than 2008. With the economy taking a nosedive this year, many families have suffered. Oil went up $16 a barrel yesterday, so I filled my tank last night. You can’t be too safe.


Yea, it is pretty rough here too as far as gas. A station up the street from where I live, had trash bags on all their pumps denoting that they were out of gas. Gas is still hovering around $4/gallon. I filled up my car the other day and it was $50. I hope they can resolve the shortage soon because we are getting closer to the Summer to Winter gasoline blend transition. Most refineries wait until the last second to re-tool their equipment for the transition and purposely allow their stock to run low to delay it as long as possible. So you have a shortage already compounded by another shortage which means even higher prices.

If you plan on getting a Kuro 5080, you might want to do the 150 hour break in before you start watching it.

Don’t worry about the plasma break-in. I tried with my Samsung and it had no effect at all. You will just waste your time and energy bill. New plasma most likely doesn’t need to be break in. Just watch your Cable, DVD or Blu-ray in full Widescreen and you’re set. If you need to watch in 4:3, try to set the TV to make it FULL/WIDE.

Regarding $149 blu-ray player, I think it can be true. We’ve seen $200 player so in 3 more months we might see $149!! At least if some store phasing out the older Panasonic DMP-BD30 that will be a good buy if $149.

lol does it come with a free rootkit too? screw sony.

upscaling looks just as good, and you can rip DVD.

BD is dead. downloads are the future as long as they dont have drm lol.