Predict Euro 2016 Champion, Win DVDFab Prize

While the Euro 2016 is hotly ongoing, DVDFab is hosting a quiz for for all fans (Valid to Jul, 10)

In this quiz, you can choose any team you like. When your team win the Delaunay Cup, you will get ultimate award from DVDFab.

* The earliest top 10 winners will be rewarded with any single 1-year DVDFab product (PC Backup and iFoneRestore excluded) he likes;

* The 11th to 30th winners will be rewarded with a $20 Amazon Gift Card;

* The rest winners will get a DVDFab commemorative T-shirt.

Let’s witness the splendor of the champion of Euro 2016, and good luck to you.

There are also 30% off DVDFab Hot Sellers for you.