Preaching the Ills of File-Sharing to Children



I just posted the article Preaching the Ills of File-Sharing to Children.

If you
thought you’d heard or seen it all, well get ready for this. The RIAA and the
MPAA have gotten involved with various educational programs which show the
proper way to act online. These…

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As I drive through various parts of my suburb I still see dealers and users…Down on the city fringes 12 and 13 yr old girls are ‘Ho’ing’ for a fix, pensioners are still being mugged…but I guess that is all elementary, lets just turn the other cheek…:X


…and right after that they were taught not to support those who sue ur granny and her grandkids for downloading the latest shyte, because it’s just not nice. Then they were taught to think for themselves and find independent artists. Then they were taught not to make the fatties richer by visiting this site to make sure none of their pocket money ended up in their pockets by doing an album search here:


What a Joke, if i was a kid i would wear my riaa/mpaa breaking the law shirt and see what they think F**K them, i’ll download what i like


Angries crap out of me… Really, what a bunch of nice blokes. They have taken up every community project, red kids Bible (Tora ?), tought not to bully, smoke or do drugs. Last thing to perfect the world- explain the silly little once how to listen to the music. Hey, kiddo, these tunes are coll stuff. See the charts? How would they get on MTV if they werent. But guess what, you cant have them, nooooo. This isnt right for you to have them. Your parents do good working two jobs to raise you. But see, all their work is nothing in exchange for what we endured to bring the music to you. We didnt sleep days and nights, we sweated on factories, we even took public transit to work. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, we had to file so many law suits and pay so many lawers and senators, almost got broke- and all out of love to You, our hope, our future. So, please, child, smarten up. Help your parents. Dont go home to do homework, get a job in Donald’s. Work every night, and if you save enough, please dont buy Food - just stay and choke on greasy fries. And in the end your efforts will be rewarded - you’ll get the CD of your dreams. Only it isnt really a CD, it wont play on some of your players, and you cant back it up, noooo. And there is nothing wrong with the sound, its just the only song you liked is performed by Britney Spears. Well, work and study hard and we’ll bring a smile on your face. Truly yours, MPAAAASS-HoLES and such. Cheers.


I am suprised that the MPAA and RIAA are not having classes on unethical business practices…now there is something they have plenty of expereince with!


My three kids would laugh their heads off. Fortunately, I’ve raised them to be completely independent thinkers, to look at the REAL big pictuire and to cast a jaundiced eye at establishment-sponsored foolishness and greed. Yes folks, Roj X 3. Ya gotta like it. :slight_smile:
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Postscript: I told my 18 year old daughter aobut this last night. Her comment: “That’s like the whole Hitler Youth thing!”