Pre recorded DVD, PC won't read, TV DVD will

A company called put a camera and recorder on my race car at Donington last week and recorded some footage. They sent a DVD of this in the post yesterday. However, it will not play on 4 different PC’s, a computer boffin has looked at it and can’t see any protection, but as the disc content appears none existent on a PC drive it’s hard to say. (“No Disc Loaded” after a legthy pause). It has played on someone elses DVD player connected to a normal TV though. I am beginning to think the DVD disc is faulty unless anyone here can sugest some alternatives for reading the damned thing? I have latest Nero 6 and things like Alcohol 120% and ProtectionID. I just want to play it, not copy it. I don’t own a DVD connected to my TV, only a DVD player and a DVD player / recorder on my PC. Thanks.

Most likely it is a recordable disc, so you need a drive that can read them. Some older PC drives do not, but it usually depends on the dics format. (+/-, etc).
Do you have DVD video player software installed on your PC?

It’s a brand new Pioneer DVR 109, and it also has a liteon DVD player installed as well. i have Nero 6 with latest updates and Leadtek DVD software. Other DVD’s play fine on this PC. This new one appears blank to the PC though. Disc has this ID printed around the spindle: DVD-R T1M1 C 2.20407260100-659

Thanks for the reply.

Can you see an actual burn on the bottom of the DVD to verify it is not empty.
You say it played on a friends DVD player -> TV hookup, what brand DVD player did he have.
What model Lite-on do you have?
Are you Plex and Litey up to date on firmware.
Can you or have you access to other DVD-ROM or stand alone players to see if this works.
Can you see if it might be a region problem, try PowerDVD, it can change 4 times for you.

Because you have Nero installed, what info gives Nero when you insert the media into the 109 and click on DISC INFO?

No Disc Inserted. I have come to the conclusion it’s a faulty disc, out of 5 PC’s and my Sony DVD reader i bought for the TV this morning, none will read it. They are doing me another copy. thanks for your help guys, seems it’s the disc, not my hardware!

Yeah, something fishy with the burn/media.

New DVD disc arrived today. Works fine on both PC drives and the new Sony TV drive. Thanks for the help everyone!

Ah, happy racing then.

Cheers, funny you should say that, the only time i have run an in car camera for years and the gearbox blew up :slight_smile:

make sure you make a backup