Pre-proccess before DVDrebuilder?



I recently bought the PRO version of DVD-RB. Love it! But normally only use it when the shrink compression % is real high (like some episode discs).

Before this I used to run menushrink + VOB blanker prior to using DVDshrink to free up as much space and get rid of things I didnt want.

Has anyone had any problems/success with using menushrink + Vobblanker before using DVD-RB (+CCE)?
The RB help pages say dont preprocess unless you know what youre doing.



Both proggys work fine and I have used them before switching to DVDRemake Pro. Matter of fact jean just relesed a newer version of Menushink 2.3.

BTW, if you look in the DVDRB-Pro…you’ll see where you can copy movie only WITH menu’s. That’s typically all anyone needs (let’s you keep the chapter selection stuff)



I have no problems in this area. I don’t use MenuShrink, but VOBBlanker works fine.

In fact, DVD Rebuilder hasn’t complained yet about VOB Blanker’s output, even though DVD Shrink often claims that VOB Blanker has gooned VIDEO_TS or something, even though I had it set to skip. Bleh.


Cool. Thanks guys.

Didnt know what would happen if I tried it and it was going to cause prob’s- if it would crash at the beginning of the RB process or if it would go for 4 hrs then give me a useless set of files.

Downloaded the latest menushrink. will give them all a go in combination asap.