Pre prented dvd covers?

I have search goggle/this site for replacement dvd covers maybe i am not useing the right wording.
is there such a thing?
and if so could some one point me in the direction?
ink is so expensive these days especially when you have loads of dvds to back up. Is there a cheaper alternative?:frowning:

Are you talking about the case insert or disc label? No, there’s way way to get duplicate inserts or labels. Movie discs are silk-screened.

Inserts for the cases…
sorry for the confusion.

This is a good source of both CD and DVD covers. Just save the one ones you want as jpg files and use a photo editing utility to resize if needed to print them. I used somewhere around 10.5 by 7.25 inches if I recall right, for the size to fit a DVD case.

I don’t think you’ll be able to find pre-printed covers anywhere not that I know of anyway.
You could always invest in a laser printer to print them but it will more than likely cost you
a whole lot more than any ink would cost to print them. :slight_smile: