Pre-paid cell phone help

My son is going to be working a few nights a week in a different town to help train some new cooks and he will be needing a cell phone, he is not the usual teenager who talks and messages all day so I am thinking a pre-paid will suit him fine.

What are the really cool good quality phones I should look at? We have good tower support so suggest services also if you can.

I have had Trac Fone for about 4+ years now and it is fine for what I need. Just make sure the service works in your aera. I’m in western NY and mine works in Vegas, Ill., Ca., Indiana and Florida. The only place I had trouble is in the mountain aerias.

You might want to check out Virgin Mobile. Just $20 every 90 days to keep it going (on some plans). They have decent cell phones that use the Sprint network. Virgin Mobile is geared toward teens.

Where you are matters. Some providers are good in some places and some in others.

Assuming you are in the USA, two carriers I like (and use) are T-Mobile’s ToGo plan and PagePlus. PagePlus uses Verizon’s network. It’s a weird company with a bad website but the quality of coverage and the rates are great.

Check the coverage maps with those carriers to see how they are for where you live.

You can keep T-Mobile going for as little as $10 a year once you have put $100 into it. PagePlus requires $10 every 120 days.

Thanks everyone for the advice :slight_smile: