Pre-Modded Xbox

Anyone had any experience buying these? I have no soldering experience. Am interested in the MediaCenter too. Any recommendations? I live in the states.


More details perhaps?
Pre-modded by whom? With what?
XBMC, Xbox Media Center is the killer app for modded xboxes, I use mine daily to play streaming video and music across a wireless Samba network and with the latest codecs it plays ANYTHING!
Also is the place to go for details on everything, but beware they are very pro-soldering as a rule and tend to bang on about it a bit too much. It’s what you do with it that counts, and I would strongly recommend a modded Xbox as a great media center.

There are some solderless chips out there to if you dont want to solder and are simple to install…Like Intensecure said “More details”

There are benifits some chips have to offer compared to others…one of the thing you should look at is How much are you willing to spend it may be cheaper to buy used xbox and do urself…where I am at you can get a box for US$100 and my internet mode chip for US$60 and do it your self but then again you dont have to have chip u can soft mod too…depends what u want to use it with and for

Sorry I haven’t responded in awhile I forgot that I posted this.

Well to be more detailed I was thinking of the Xecuter chip, either the 2.6 or the 3.0. I’m not sure the difference, I’ll have to do more research.

When I first thought about a modded xbox it was because I wanted two things, a DVD player and an Xbox. Then I started reading up about mods and learned a few things, now I know I can expect more so this is what I want :

To be able to play any darn type of media file on my xbox… from JPG CD’s to SVCD’s to a disc full of .AVI files if I choose. Then I want it to be able to play backed up games. Being able to network with my desktop is a plus. I understand it’s possible for it to network to my desktop pc, grab an MPEG from there and play it without having to import from a CD/DVD? Being able to write stuff to the XBOX drive and play from there, that sounds good. My Desktop is in the family room, my TV is in my room, networking is would be great.

I just don’t want to have to solder. So does a snap-on chip allow all those functions? Otherwise I was thinking of just having Xbox Xtreme premod me a system and I’d shell out the $279 for it and such. I don’t have a standalone DVD player right now so paying the money isn’t a big deal. No word on Xbox 2 being backwards compatible right?

The deal with XBOX 2 wouldn’t be so much an issue with backwards compatibility as it would be that you will be looking at waiting about 2 years to be able to have the kind of mod options that the current XBOX has. I usually ditch a console once it’s successor comes out but this will not be the case with my XBOX due to XBMC. Anyways, The no-solder chips are now very solid connections and even some installers have gone with them just so they can avoid the risk. You are going to need to upgrade the HD in your XBOX (only 8GB stock) if you want to transfer stuff back and forth via ethernet connection to your PC. Pretty much any computer HD that you can buy in the store will do. If you put the chip in yourself, be sure to pick up a late version Xecutor Bios. The pre-flashed Linux/Cromwell bios won’t do crap for you. The other thing that is a must is to get Slayer’s Evox Auto-Installer V2.6. This will format your HD and install a number of useful apps on your XBOX. Simply pick up Slayer’s 2.6 (you are on your own where to find it) and burn it to DVD-R. Pop it into your XBOX and it will load up. Then select the format HD option and select the desired partition (I believe it is the E:\ partition on the stock HD and the F:\ partition on an upgraded one). Slayers will then install itself. The beauty of slayers is that it comes with a bunch of apps that are useful, including the latest XBMC, DVD Region X, Avalaunch, ect. It also gives you the option to exit out into the regular stock MS Dash should you want to. DVD Region X is something that you will definitely want. It will allow you to watch PAL format DVDs on an NTSC setup or vice-versa. The only catch is that it doesn’t work with the remote, so you will need to use the regular XBOX controller with it. I absolutely love it as it gives me a way to watch PAL format discs on a setup that is completely NTSC. Doing that without a modded XBOX can be kind of spendy. As mentioned above, XBMC is a complete joy, it will play all of the file extensions you want and it works great with the stock XBOX remote. This is only a little of what Slayers has to offer. I always recommend it because it is the most hassle free way to get everything you want on your XBOX.

Well, thanks for the replies that has certainly shifted my attention to the no-solder option, I’ll do some more research and see if other people have the same opinions. It certainly is cheaper.