Prassi vs Adaptec war news

I just posted the article Prassi vs Adaptec war news….

Prassi Software USA today announced that the San Jose Federal Court presiding over litigation between Prassi and Adaptec has provided additional time for Prassi to develop and prove its antitrust…

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Over 2 years ago, Adaptec was the most used, but then came Prassi with a superior product.
Adaptec simply sued them, so Prassi had to stop ditributing their software.
Luckily they’re back now and hopefully will stay, because they do make very good burning programs.

I kinda like those laws, cause they provide about 95% of the interesting news on CDfreaks!

Can i sue ADAPTEC for never debuging there scsi bios versions before release?

adaptec are shit - nothing but trouble!

now i use TEKRAM.
half the price,none of the stupid problems!


They are not the only one,
it happened also with CEQuadrat, a german corp.
Here’s more info about it :

They are not the only one,
it happened also with CEQuadrat, a german corp.

Here’s more info about it :

"In 1994 the office of CeQuadrat (USA), Inc. was opened in San Francisco to improve the support of US customers and to strengthen the cooperation with multimedia hard- and software manufacturers. As most of them are Silicon Valley based, CeQuadrat was relocated to the university town Palo Alto by the end of 1995.

The company has been acquired by Adaptec on 07/08/1999. Now these two companies together will be able to provide strong levels of customer service around the world. Aachen is expected to become the future European headquarters for Adaptec’s Software Products Group."

It become to look like Mikro$oft…

Be Aware,

sorry for dupe…
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Adaptec didn’t sue Cequadrat, they just took’em over.
Now I know why Cequadrat’s software is such shit, it’s Adaptec!

Adaptec Anti Competitive nature!!! Who in their right mind want to compete with adaptec, there is noting in adaptec to compete with ! Their buggy, bulky, outdated EZ Coaster Creator and their ATROSIOUS Serivce from a bunch of mentally retarded tech support wanna bees who don’t know the difference between their ass and the hole in the ground, is hardly worth competing for !!!
Before they start yet another hostile take over to fuck up another company, they should start firing the fucking retards at their so called development center with some real developers and fuck off those ignorant erragont assholes in their DIS-SERVICE departmet. They would be amazed at what difference this can make.

Adaptec should stick with hardware, let others do the software.

Adpatec ECDC 4 was bundled with my CD Writer so I decided to give it a try. Till the update ‘c’ I had no problems but never found the program satisfactory and it is a resource hog. With update ‘d’ it became a nightmare. I had to get rid of it and tried out CDRWIN which turned out great. Out of curiosity I tried Prassi and now most of recordings are done with Prassi as I find it to be a fast great program.

Big bad wolf Adaptec sees this as a potential threat and decides to devour it before it kills their ECDC. CeQuadrat too is an unstable program with bugs galore like ECDC.

It was the same with the UDF Reader Soft from CeQuadrat, PacketCD…

Adaptec had their own, DirectCD…

When CeQuadrat got acquired,
the update for PacketCD took a while…

I guess someone doesn’t like competition


I think Adaptec’s strategy is to develop shitty CDR-software and buy all competetors in order to get a monopoly. This because of the fact that they want to force people their rotten products (like Easy CD Destroyer) and even more, buy updates for their low quality software