Prassi(TX) ONES wont write dvdfab split DVDs



Dvdfab version 3 split dvds works fine
Dvdfab version 4 - 5 dont (introduced some incompatibilites with dvd standard?)

DVDFab VSO, ImgBurn, Nero burns just fine (but some of us still like simple quality tools such as praasi ones : ) )

Any thoughts?


from v4 till current split function still has compatibility problems with standalone players.


Some of the v5 betas had split problems I think, but I thought it had been fixed. Don’t use that mode much. The new Customize Split discs play fine, I have done several sets of these. [B]Posting of commercial links is prohibited by forum rules.[/B] Please read thisand abide.



please change the cgp to blank screen and post your results



Same error with blank screen CGP

disk is of course blank, imgburn, nero and internal vso burns the same data fine.


Look at the bottom screen capture. Your software is reporting the size of the volume to be burned (Disc1) as two different sizes. One, under the top window as 2,129,857, once as 3,971,456, which of course will not fit on a SL disc. If VSO, Img and Nero work correctly, perhaps the problem is in the software. Have you reported it to their support?


This “size” problem was introduced with dvdfab v4.
Dvds authored by other software (dvdrebuilder, shrink or dvdfab 3, 2) burns just fine.

I think ONES checks ifo files before burning and still reports original dvd9 size (in this case 3,971,456) and wont burn. Other software just burns files without checking (in theory at least)

PS. Prassi software is no longer supported (developed)



well i dont know about how it works but i am interested in finding out. seems like a pretty neat program, from what ive read anyway.

they have also made self recording cd’s!! wow!

as for dvdfab support. i wouldnt count on it. dvdfab works great with the available burning engines.

for now have you tried doing ISO instead of video_ts? i dont know, but i do plan on testing the software.


I think there’s probably original size parameterer left unotouched somewhere in in dvdfab preprocesed dvd IFO’s.