Prassi (or traxdata) ONES not compatible with DW1620

Hello All. Just few words to tell you that you cannot burn correctly DVD with ONES on DW1620. Prior to DW1620 i have nd3500ag and no prob.

When you burn dvd with ones, then the dvd was not recognise by the benq drive but play well in dvdplayer ???

Now i re-utilize nero and no problem.

whats the media code??

RitekG04. This is not a media problem but a soft problem. Now with nero = no prob

So what is this ONES I’ve been hearing so much talk about? Can anyone post a product link that I can go and check it out for myself? I’ve been so happy with CloneDVD2/AnyDVD I don’t really have a reason to switch but curiosity always kills me. :wink:

Used it on my 1620, never had a problem.

Thans, zazonz. Maybe I’ll give the demo a shot and see what it’s like. I’m always curious about other burning software, hehe… Uhm, honest, I’m not an addict! :stuck_out_tongue:

All my excuses :bow: .

After a clean reinstall with a clean system (Winxp LSD3), i have just install ONES and it work very good.

I think there was a problem with my old system (virus, bug or incompatibility with nero

So one more time i’m confused