Prassi and Adaptec settle lawsuit



I just posted the article Prassi and Adaptec settle lawsuit.

I always used to like Prassi, back in the day I used to make backups of Playstation CD’s as it was the only software that supported my burner, since then I never used it anymore, but I will always…

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I used Prassi like 1-2 years ago… but not for backuping PSX games. I used it for regular burning and it worked very well. I stopped using it because you couldn’t set the lenght of the blank between audio tracks. Another version of what I was using was able to do that, but I couldn’t find it


I used to use prassi all thet ime until i upgraded my burner and by that time they had to pull it off market and not update it cause of damn lawsuit. I would gladly buy it again but seeing how Bloatxio has it. Forget it. :c


Adaptec is evil :r We all love Prassi :9


yep, I used prassi for about 3 years with my teac 55s, hell of a program, it was better then nero in the begin days:) but I cant use it anymore since my new plex isnt suported:c so now I use nero:)


I loved Prassi, I used it for about 3 years, until I got my latest writer and it was not supported :frowning: I do use the Sony Extreme, which is very similar to the old prassi, because it is simple and does most of what I need it to do, and it is a lot less buggy than EZCD (insert version here).